Put your brand in your customer's hand with mobile-driven marketing

Consumers live, work, shop and play on mobile devices.

Use the mobile channel to deliver offers, messaging and services directly to your ideal customer. Mobile is always on, highly personal—and exceptionally effective. At Velti, we help brands become part of consumers' mobile lifestyle.

We believe in
Total Mobile.

Whether the mobilization of your business is well on its way or just beginning, Velti has solutions that achieve your marketing goals at any stage of the customer engagement cycle.

Acquire New Customers

Make mobile your most effective channel for getting new customers. From mobile media and creative destination development to real-time tracking and optimization, Velti puts proven mobile acquisition tactics to work for your business. And with ROI-focused campaigns offered via performance-based pricing, you only pay for new customers.

One-on-One Customer Engagement

Activate your customers and move them through the conversion funnel via immersive mobile experiences.

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Monetize New Revenue Streams

Add value to the customer experience—and capture revenue at the same time. With Velti's Monetization solutions, an engaging mobile experience and a healthy revenue stream go hand-in-hand.

Audience Interaction Optimization

Interact with customers via creative games with enticing prizes to increase user engagement — we do all the fulfillment so you don't have to.

Manage your customer's lifetime value

Build long-term customer relationships by engaging consumers in an ongoing, relevant conversation. Velti provides multi-channel programs and solutions to turn unknown shoppers into lifelong brand advocates.
Contact us to discuss your loyalty strategy.

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Retain customers through a reward-based loyalty management program customized to your business goals. Multi-vertical expertise, powered by a powerful data manipulation platform, creates the world's first multi-channel Loyalty solution.

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Find out who your customers are, what they're doing, why they're doing it and how to improve their mobile experience and interaction with your brand via sophisticated customer data mining.